We provide legal guidance and support on all kinds of international structured finance transactions, repackagings and equity/debt-linked financings. Our clients include banks and other financial institutions, hedge funds and distressed debt investors, and also smaller investors seeking to establish international or local asset acquisition structures in Luxembourg.

A leader in regulated and unregulated securitisations in Luxembourg, we are trusted by companies and funds to handle the structure and launch of asset-backed securities, share issuance, collateralised debt obligations, credit default swaps, synthetic financial instruments, and hybrid securities that combine elements of debt and equity.

As the pioneer in fiduciary note programmes, we regularly recommend the most appropriate structure to meet funding or investment requirements. Working with our investment fund and tax colleagues we can also identify innovative structures that combine the advantages of regulated funds and unregulated securitisations.

We can also support you to fulfil obligations under the EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), as well as all other reporting and risk retention aspects relating to securitisation.

Core practice groups

We are recognised by the market as a leading provider of legal services to Luxembourg investment funds, their promoters and service providers.

We cover these sectors to provide continuity of service and to build stronger relationships over time.

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering a large range of areas such as corporate, commercial and civil litigation.

We assist our clients on all aspects of taxation, including especially the creation of tailor-made investments structures.