How we engage

Embracing our responsibility

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We strive to have a positive impact on our clients, teams and society as a whole

As lawyers, we cannot ignore the major issues facing the world today, and what they represent for others and for ourselves. 

Our role is crucial and we take our responsibility seriously: we have a duty to our clients, to our team members, and to civil society. As lawyers, we advocate to create opportunities for all. As a partner, as an employer and as citizens, we are proud to play our part.

We work to advance the long-standing core values held by our firm in line with our strategic objectives. 

Manou Hoss

Managing partner

Our ESG committee

Since 2018, a dedicated ESG committee has guided our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The committee is made up of seven partners, who are each in charge of specific areas of concern. Together, we are working to continuously improve sustainable development within our firm, building readiness through expertise and experience.