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Part of a team, part of a community

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We cultivate a supportive and friendly environment

Our priority for our team is a positive working atmosphere, which involves being aware of those around us, treating everyone with respect and encouraging well-being. More than a firm, we are people that form a united team.

Shared values

Diversity, equity and inclusion are deeply held values at the very heart of our commitment to creating a respectful environment. Joining us means working with and growing alongside outstanding professionals from more than 30 of different nationalities and backgrounds, who share our values. We promote common interests, mutual support, equal opportunities and, above all, ethics, integrity and professional freedom. Our teams welcome newcomers in an exceptionally supportive environment.

A community spirit

Because life is about more than work, we have a dedicated team whose focus is to create the best possible social environment. A variety of social events offer the opportunity to meet colleagues from other teams or to cement friendships, including monthly get together events,  team activities and sports. We also provide in-house laundry services, fitness and relaxation classes to make the work day easier.

Fit for Health and Fit@work

We have a range of health and fitness options, including relaxation therapy, running classes for all levels, bodybuilding, cardio, yoga and pilates. We also ensure menus offer healthy food options.

In the heart of global cities 

Whether you join our firm in Luxembourg, Paris or Hong Kong, our modern, spacious offices are well situated so our employees can make the most of the city they work in. There are a wealth of opportunities to enjoy cultural activities, shopping and socialising.