Life science/healthcare

As an area touching the very nature of human beings – life and well-being – life science and healthcare raise unique legal challenges.

This area of law encompasses a wide range of legal matters related to the development, regulation, marketing, distribution and use of products and services in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. It also deals with personal data relating to health, in particular in the context of clinical trials. This field of practice has close links with intellectual property, data protection and privacy, and technology & e-commerce.

Our clients

We assist a number of clients in the life science and healthcare sector in respect of some of their most critical legal needs, including public and private entities such as medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers and research institutions, at both local and pan-European levels.

Our assistance in this area ranges from general strategic and regulatory advice to contractual arrangements through to litigation.

Our services

Our services for the sector include:

  • Regulatory compliance: assistance in respect of marketing authorisation, manufacturing, labelling and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare products
  • Data protection and privacy: protection of patient and health-related personal data
  • Contracts and transactions: drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts involving healthcare providers and research institutions such as partnership arrangements, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements and M&A transactions
  • Public procurement
  • Technology and e-commerce: technology transfer and licensing agreements, terms and conditions of online platforms providing health-related services
  • Product liability: addressing legal issues surrounding defective products and medical devices
  • Intellectual property: strategic advice relating to the protection and defence of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets related to innovations, research and development
  • Handling communications with the relevant regulator, including at the Ministry of Health

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