As an employer

Embodying our culture and values

Internal Meeting with Partner and Associate

We cultivate a culture of mutual respect, trust and commitment

The people who work with us are our biggest asset. Treating every individual with a high degree of respect is part of our core culture: a value-driven approach based on trust, knowledge sharing, proximity and commitment. We welcome like-minded people to create opportunities for the future.

We are proud to be part of a diverse and open community

Our teams are made up of outstanding achievers from very diverse backgrounds, whose experience allows us to see issues from different perspectives. 

We support a culture of diversity, neutrality, inclusion and equal opportunity, and welcome  anyone who meets our exemplary standards, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, belief, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or other status. We are a united team of shared values.


% women
% female partners

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy expresses our non-derogable principles: equal recruitment and equal development opportunities, equal pay, and a working environment free of any form of discrimination or harassment. We rigorously monitor data to identify and remove barriers to career development.

We believe in creating equal and inclusive workplaces and communities and are committed to raising diversity awareness in our teams and in society as a whole.

Jeanne Mocellin

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

We recruit the best talent to join our diverse teams

We make a point of finding, recruiting and creating opportunities for law students, graduates and professionals from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and universities, who are willing to bring new ideas, learn with us, grow with us and share our positive and proactive way of doing things.

Ethics and respect are at the core of our recruitment process, which guides and supports candidates of all levels through the recruitment and integration process.

We help our workforce to thrive and develop its potential to the fullest

We promote opportunities to pool knowledge and work together, ensuring that each team member – junior or experienced – is given support and training to fully develop his or her professional goals in a non-discriminatory environment. 

Our legal excellence, in-house training and mentoring programmes with senior lawyers and partners are open to all our lawyers. 

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We nurture a supportive and friendly working environment

The health and well-being of our team members is a top priority. We make every effort to offer a supportive and friendly working environment, encouraging well-being at work, work–life balance, and a sense of community.

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We make commitment a cornerstone of our culture and mindset

We strongly believe that engagement depends on a sense of fulfilment and purpose in one’s work. Our team members want to do meaningful projects for an organisation that shares their values, has a mission they believe in, and seeks to give back to society. This is apparent in their work and in their commitment to good causes. Their motivation is our greatest strength.

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