Telecommunication & media

Media and telecommunications is a fast-evolving industry. The challenges include compliance with increasing regulatory and legal requirements to guarantee consumer protection, cybersecurity, data privacy and national security, accessibility, network neutrality and universal service. Sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations may be considerable and have long-lasting effects on relevant business.

Our experts have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients in the media and telecommunication sector as well as their communication and network infrastructure. This allows us to advise and assist them in finding practical and legal solutions in the matters affecting them.

Our clients

We advise clients who seek legal and regulatory advice on specific media and telecommunications topics and are subject to Luxembourg law.

These clients include national and international telecommunication industry entities, including IT and communication service providers, network operators, satellite providers, device manufacturers, data centre operators, broadcasting companies, online platform providers and users, and audio-visual media service (AVMS) providers.

Our services

Our team advises clients on all aspects of media and telecommunication, including in particular:


  • Regulatory and legal requirements with respect to broadcasting, video on demand services, linear broadcasting, consumer and child protection (accessibility, advertising, rating and gating, including watershed)
  • Preparing and filing regulatory applications for broadcast permits and notifications as well as licensing matters, including liaising with the national supervisory authority, including the Luxembourg independent audiovisual authority Autorité Luxembourgeoise de l’Audiovisuel (ALIA)
  • Sanctions imposed on non-compliant service providers (fines, licence withdrawal, warning and suspensions of transmission)
  • Advertising
  • Accessibility


  • Pre- and contractual consumer protection, cybersecurity, data privacy and national security, accessibility, network neutrality and the universal service requirements in Luxembourg pursuant to Luxembourg law or European telecommunications regulations
  • Analysing, preparing, drafting and filing of notification documents, concession, permits and other licences (initial and subsequent amendments) for providing communication services and assisting in the discussions with the regulator and relevant governmental authorities that may precede or follow the notification, including the Luxembourg regulatory institute Institut Luxembourgeous de Régulation (ILR)
  • Providing guidance in relation to the applicability of reporting obligations, submission of  reports and follow-up questions with the regulator
  • Communication network identified as critical infrastructure
  • Strategic analysis relating to market practices and penetration
  • Pre-litigation and litigation and arbitration
  • Competition and foreign direct investment regulations
  • Space and satellite-related laws and regulations

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