Real estate services

A complex real estate project includes multiple aspects that all need careful consideration.

We provide our clients with a 360° approach to all aspects, involving internal technical experts in the relevant areas. For complex and large-scale real estate projects, we appoint a project manager who is in charge of identifying legal needs and coordinating the work and offers the client a single point of entry.

Our clients

Our clients include local and international developers, construction companies, private and  public real estate investors and owners, corporate tenants and landowners, banks and real estate funds.

Our services

Our services include:

  • Development and construction, including all types of contracts, from planning to post-completion operational issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including the sale of Luxembourg or cross-border portfolios, asset deals or share deals, sales in a future state of completion, sale and lease-back
  • Property structuring and restructuring, including individualisation of assets, long-term leases, surface rights
  • Corporate and tax-efficient investment structuring
  • Real estate funds
  • Offices, retail or residential leases
  • Warehousing, clinics and/or retirement homes
  • Infrastructure and hotels
  • Real estate financing (bank or shareholders)
  • Negotiation with investors including drafting of shareholder agreements 
  • Brownfield reconversion
  • Co-ownership regulations
  • Building permits and other administrative authorisations
  • Classified establishments
  • Environment
  • Preemption rights
  • Urban zoning
  • Property, construction, leasing and administrative law litigation
  • Property management and other service agreements
  • Public procurement
  • Tax

What others say about us

The firm displays a very collaborative approach to work in the space.

Legal 500 2023

Real Estate and Construction Luxembourg

Elvinger Hoss Prussen has a very good practice.

Chambers Europe 2023

Real Estate Luxembourg

The team works quickly to find a solution, and if none is existing, they create it. The have a deep knowledge of both the theoretical side (laws and regulations, literature…) and the practical side (best practices…) of real estate.

Legal 500 2022

Real Estate and Construction Luxembourg