Grow with us

Working together, learning from each other

Colleagues discussion in meeting room

We encourage everyone to achieve their desired career path

Those who join our team benefit from an open-minded environment in which everyone has the same opportunities to thrive and develop their full potential. Working with colleagues with exceptional legal skills, experience and knowledge is a sure way to progress in your profession.

Follow your own path …

A career with us allows you to develop your expertise and skills in different practice areas. Our Career Development Programme supports all team members at all levels of experience [junior or  experienced] through an in-house training programme, which is devised by the business experts and the training department. This includes internal immersion in Luxembourg law or other specialist streams, technical or soft-skills courses, coaching, language courses, and more. 

… while working as a team

In our multidisciplinary partnership, knowledge is pooled to support each lawyer [at all levels of experience]. Sharing offices with other lawyers, mentoring with senior lawyers and/or partners/counsel, informal exchange opportunities: collaboration is the foundation of our way of working.

We see our duty as transmitting knowledge and our goal is to identify and train promising lawyers as future team members.

Milène Drweski


A culture of legal excellence 

Innovation, efficiency, excellence and dedication to our clients’ needs are the cornerstone of our legal services. Our knowledge development team provides our professionals with specific legal training and legal support and identifies, collects and spreads key knowledge generated throughout the organisation.

An international scope

Our firm is part of a multinational community, and we are proud to be open to the world: we have an international vision of legal matters. Talents who join us have the opportunity to work abroad on secondment in our offices in Paris, Hong Kong and in our partner office, Elvinger Sàrl in New York, as well as to work regularly alongside some of the most respected firms in the world through our relationships with clients and other law firms (some of them also offer secondment opportunities). Our teams gain exposure to best practice in law through day-to-day interactions as well as specific exchange seminar programmes.