Act with us

Defending our values, standing up for others


We empower our team members to take meaningful action

As lawyers, we believe it is our role to serve the public interest: we are committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate.

By joining our firm, you can have a positive impact on people’s lives and support the causes that matter to you. Our culture encourages team members to use their professional skills, time and enthusiasm to help others.

It is our team members who embody the values we stand for: we support them to amplify their momentum.

Manou Hoss

Managing partner

Providing legal advice for those in need

Our professionals are engaged in a variety of pro bono actions to help communities, individuals, NGOs, non-profits or other public interest organisations, putting their legal expertise at the service of those in need. This can include legal advice, representation and day-to-day support, and has reciprocal benefits: those involved develop valuable experience and advocacy skills while giving back to society.

A spirit of solidarity

Through our social commitment programme, team members are able to support our long-term philanthropy partners alongside the firm, and are also free to launch, promote or engage in other volunteer and solidarity initiatives, campaigns or events they care about, locally or overseas.