Henri Capitant Luxembourg Conference - The admissibility of grounds of appeal before the Court of cassation

When 20 to 21.04.2023
Where Luxembourg

Partner Myriam Pierrat, in her function as President of the Luxembourg group of the Henri Capitant Association, opened the conference, which focused on the formalism in cassation and its technical aspects. These requirements raise fundamental questions of equality before the law and guarantee of the rule of law. Although the operating mode of the courts of cassation of Luxembourg, Belgium and France differs, the comparative approach makes it possible to better understand the issues related to a formalism set up as a condition of admissibility.

Myriam was also a panellist on two of the three roundtables during the conference. The first panel examined the cases of opening to cassation and the formal requirements to which the drafting of the grounds is subject. The other panel was more forward-looking, discussing more pragmatic positions, especially the establishment of filtering mechanisms and even the creation of a specialised bar.