LËTZ GO GOLD 2023 charity run

LËTZ GO GOLD 2023 charity run

Elvinger Hoss Prussen goes gold to fight childhood cancer and set a new donation record!

For the sixth year in a row, we participated with our Elvinger Hoss Prussen corporate team in the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run, organised by the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner. Over 60 of our members took part in the run against childhood cancer at the Kockelscheuer on the outskirts of Luxembourg City. As in previous years, our firm was a gold sponsor of the event and supported the efforts of all the runners on our team.

Together, we raised the impressive donation amount of over €82,000, far surpassing our record from last year. Our partner Katia Panichi, who has actively supported the initiative since the first edition, received the award for the best corporate team on behalf of the firm and thanked Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner for their untiring and outstanding efforts. All in all, the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner raised almost €610,000 this year. The highest success rate so far!

This exceeded all our expectations! Overwhelmed by so much effort, we would like to thank all our participants, their families and friends and all the supporters for their motivation, enthusiasm and achievement!

For more information about the charity run and to support this initiative, please visit: www.letzgogold.lu and www.fondatioun.lu