Law on Reserved Alternative Investment Funds („RAIF“) - Update July 2023

This brochure contains the amended Law of 23 July 2016 on reserved alternative investment funds (« RAIF ») in French and English.

More details on the key amendments for Luxembourg UCITS, Part II UCIs, SIFs, SICARs, RAIFs and their UCITS ManCos or AIFMs can be found in our Article.

Cette brochure contient la loi modifiée du 23 juillet 2016 relative aux fonds d’investissement alternatifs réservés (« FIAR ») en français et en anglais.

De plus amples informations sur les principaux changements concernant les OPCVM, OPC Partie II, FIS, SICAR, FIAR luxembourgeois et sur leur société de gestion ou AIFM figurent dans notre Article.

The RAIF has substantially the same characteristics (and flexibilities) as a SIF-AIF, the main difference being that the RAIF is not subject to authorisation and supervision by the Luxembourg supervisory authority and that therefore the timeframe within which a RAIF can be set up and launched is more attractive from a time-to-market perspective.

For more details, please find here a full Memorandum on the RAIF.

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