Real estate funds

With a history going back centuries, real estate investment aims to generate returns from underlying tangible assets. With intelligent use of leverage, real estate investors of all scopes and scales can maximise their risk-adjusted returns.

Real estate funds can select their exposure from a wide spectrum of asset types, from commercial properties to residential portfolios to raw land, each presenting its own distinct opportunities and challenges.

Our clients

We bring our real estate fund expertise to a broad spectrum of clients within the sector, from fund managers seeking a steady legal partner for their Luxembourg operations, to institutional investors looking to expand their real estate exposure. Our client partnerships range from local fund initiatives to top-tier global real estate ventures.

We are experts at guiding our clients through the nuanced legal and operational terrain of real estate funds, from fundraising through to winding up. With a client-centric approach, we develop customised, forward-looking legal strategies built to thrive in the ever-changing real estate investment environment.

Our services

Our legal advice provides a robust foundation for activities in the real estate fund sector. We assist our real estate fund clients in:

  • Designing and refining investment objectives with strategic and legal precision
  • Establishing legal structures to facilitate investment strategies and safeguard stakeholders’ interests
  • Implementing governance and management frameworks to ensure stability and compliance
  • Customising distribution structures aligned with a fund’s objectives
  • Proactively navigating the ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment
  • Providing effective fundraising and clarity for investor relations