Legal advice from a different perspective

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering corporate, commercial, civil and administrative litigation. Our dispute teams successfully represent companies and financial institutions, businesses and individuals, both in Luxembourg and in multi-jurisdictional cases.

If complex disputes arise, we often join forces with our in-house experts in the related areas, gaining a deep understanding of the matter and allowing (if necessary) a thorough and fierce defence of our clients.

Our dispute resolution practice covers a wide range of areas such as:

  • disputes between shareholders
  • non-performance or non-execution of contracts
  • recovery claims
  • professional liability
  • summary matters (référé), e.g. litigation in relation to an appointment of a sequester or a provisional administration
  • employment disputes and litigation
  • enforcement proceedings

We also represent organisations in arbitration proceedings, both ad hoc and institutional, in Luxembourg or abroad (but in respect of Luxembourg law matters). Our partners also have experience as arbitrators.

In addition, we have a dedicated team of specialists in urban zoning and planning law and environmental law (covering classified establishments and public procurement).

Core practice groups

We are recognised by the market as a leading provider of legal services to Luxembourg investment funds, their promoters and service providers.

We cover these sectors to provide continuity of service and to build stronger relationships over time.

We assist our clients on all aspects of taxation, including especially the creation of tailor-made investments structures.

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering a large range of areas such as corporate, commercial and civil litigation.