Our firm is a central player in the design and implementation of international tax structures for the Luxembourg financial sector.

We advise on the optimal tax structures for debt and equity issuance, mergers and acquisitions, and for investment funds, real estate and private equity funds. Almost all transactions and structures we work on are cross-border or have an international component.

With increasing transparency and the implementation of BEPS, tax law demands greater technical knowledge. Working with leading tax experts in other jurisdictions, our team analyses all international implications of a transaction or potential investment vehicle.

You can rely on us to monitor developments in the global environment that may affect your existing tax arrangements – or that allow us to formulate new structures. In this way, we look to ensure you are optimally positioned financially while being fully compliant with international tax law.

Core practice groups

We are recognised by the market as a leading provider of legal services to Luxembourg investment funds, their promoters and service providers.

We cover these sectors to provide continuity of service and to build stronger relationships over time.

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering a large range of areas such as corporate, commercial and civil litigation.

We assist our clients on all aspects of taxation, including especially the creation of tailor-made investments structures.